Registrar of Co-Operative Societies
Government of Nagaland

Apex Level - NSCB Ltd

The Nagaland State Co-operative Bank Ltd. (NSCB)

The Nagaland State Co-operative Bank Ltd. (NSCB), with its registered office at Dimapur is the only Apex Level Financial and Agriculture Credit Institution in the State. The NSCB is having the 2nd largest network of branches in the State i.e. next to State Bank of India and connected with the length and breadth of the State covering every village of Nagaland through a set-up of 33828 numbers of affiliated PACS. Since its inception the Bank is working for empowerment of weaker section of the society. These PACS having its reach to every rural population are in a position to distribute the benefit of Financial Inclusion to the poor and down trodden.

     The NSCB is providing special preference to the occupational groups and women, through Financial Inclusion by providing financial assistance for self-employment and other avenues to benefit them. In this context it is worth mentioning that NSCB’s program for financial Inclusion is not limited to opening of No Frills accounts but simultaneously providing credit linkage to the have-nots for their economic activities.

     In the process the Bank has taken up the task of increasing the credit flow manifold, in the area of Financial Inclusion and had issued loans amounting to Rs 2292.07 lacs to SHGs, JLGs, Farmers Club, VDB(M/F),Piggery, SRTO, and other allied activities during the period 2013-14 (Till 31-12-2013).

The bank has a network of 21 branches spread over the state.