Registrar of Co-Operative Societies
Government of Nagaland

Education & Training - CTC


     The Cooperative Training Centre (CTC) Medziphema was established in the year 1968 and is a permanent and the only Cooperative Training Centre in the state under the direct control and supervision of the Registrar of Cooperative Societies, Nagaland. Training is the most important element of human resource development (HRD) which directly contributes towards enhancing competence and individual efficiency. Cooperative training is a continuous process which requires for the staff on regular basis to keep the Cooperative system in good shape and to cope with prevailing environment in a fast changing liberalized economy. The course is designed as per the directive of the National Council of Cooperative Training (NCCT) of the National Cooperative Union of India (NCUI).

     Cooperatives are Democratic Organizations which are owned and controlled by the members. In view of this, there is a greater need for continuous Cooperative Education and Training to all sections of Cooperators to enable them to provide meaningful direction to their Cooperatives in view of the changing economic environment.

     In the light of the above, the Cooperative Training Centre Medziphema conducts the following courses for SICS, JICS, Members, Board of Directors of Cooperative Societies to develop knowledge, skill and aptitude for the development of the Cooperative sectors.

Trainings Conducted by the Cooperative Training Centre:

1) Diploma in Cooperative Management
2) Computer Awareness Course (Under Centrally Sponsored Scheme)
3) Management of Primary Cooperative Society
4) HRD and Capacity Building
5) Refresher Course for Audit and Inspection for SICS/JICS
6) Refresher Course on Leadership Development Programmes.
7) Customized training programs to meet specialized needs.

The new Academic & Administrative building under the ‘Upgradation and Modernization program of CTC, Medziphema’ was finally inaugurated on 25th Oct. 2013 by Shri. Pukhayi Sumi, Hon’ble Parl. Secretary, Cooperation, Sericulture and Women Development.

This building consists of Ground Floor plus 2 floors:
Covering an area of 1978.50 Sq. mts.
Consisting of 32 rooms.

The building consists of :
1)      1(one) Conference Hall to accommodate 200 people.
2)      4(four) classrooms
3)      1(one) Seminar Hall
4)      1(one) computer laboratory
5)      1(one) Library
6)      Rooms for Principal, Vice-Principal, Lecturers & Ministerial staffs.
Being a residential training institute, the following accommodation facilities are available:
1)      2 (two) Men’s Dormitories to accommodate 12 trainees.
2)      2 (two) Women’s Dormitories to accommodate 12 trainees.
3)      2 (two) Executive Suites.
4)      Recreation lobby.